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November 4, 1529 – Cardinal Thomas Wolsey arrested

Thomas Wolsey 1473 – 1529


Held the titles Cardinal-Archbishop of York and Lord Chacellor.

Wolsey was chief minister for King Henry VIII, was not respected by Parliament, and did not use them to help him govern. During his time and Chancellor 1515 – 1529 he summoned Parliament one time.

He maintained good standings and favor with the king until he was not able to convince Pope Clement VII to annul Henry’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

On October 9, 1529 Parliament convened and indicted the Cardinal of 44 counts of praemunire (using the power of the Papacy against the monarch) and was confined to the archbishopric at York.

Letters to Rome led to his arrest on November 4, 1529. While being transported to the Tower of London, Thomas Wolsey died in route on November 24, 1529–possibly from suicide to avoid execution.

Source info: Death of Cardinal Wolsey


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