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November 9, 1923 – The Beer Hall Putsch – Part two

As the morning of November 9, 1923 started to appear, Hitler and friends realized they had been betrayed (sounds like a bad cartoon show).

Ludendorff had let Kahr and company go during the night to take up their roles in the putsch. This allowed them to contact the central government in Berlin, since the Nazis had not managed to secure the communications.  Troops were called up and sent to Munich to put an end to these troubling Nazis.

March on Munich
March on Munich
Image Source: USHMM

Ludendorff and Hitler managed to rally about 2,000 members of the SA and local militia to complete the coup of Munich. As they marched on the city center, they were confronted by Munich police and soldiers. There are no sources that agree on what happened next.

The army and police opened fire on the Nazi marchers, despite that fact that Ludendorff was leading the march. After about a minute of shooting, between 14-16 Nazis were dead and 4 soldiers and police were dead.

After the Putsch
After the Putsch
Image Source: The history place

Hitler somehow dislocated his shoulder after the shooting started. He claims that he injured it helping a fallen comrade. Hitler was spirited to a waiting car and raced away from the scene.

They discovered Hitler two days later in the attic of friend. (Interesting that he was captured hiding in an attic.) Hitler, several of the conspirators–including future Deputy Führer Rudolph Hess–were charged with high treason.

They were brought before a people’s court and convicted of the charge of high treason. The judges were pro-Nazi and had to be dissuaded from acquitting Hitler. He was sentenced to 5 years in a minimum security prison. A prison that allowed daily visitors (rough life). While in prison, Hitler dictated his super popular memoir Mein Kampf to fellow inmate Rudolph Hess.

Hitler in Prison
Hitler in Prison
Image Source: The history place

Lessons learned:

  1. Taking over by force was not going to work in Germany; they needed to do it through elections.
  2. The Party was not ready for the challenges that faced the nation over the next few years so they caught a break.
  3. The evil central government had martyred 14-16 Nazis and helped solidify their movement.



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