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November 11, 1889 – Washington becomes the 42nd State

As I am writing the title, I realized that I have done a Happy Birthday Post three times this week. I was going to write about the dedication of the Tomb of the Unknowns, or the end of the First World War. I thought that I would do something different – I guess I was wrong!

Washington State Map
Washington State
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Washington State is my rainy home for me, I moved to Utah from Whatcom County, Washington, way up north where you will find Bellingham, rain, dairy cows, rain, berry farms, and the Canadian Border.

I LOVE Washington State, it is so green and WET!!!! Did I mention wet? I moved to Utah for sunshine, you know, that thing that is above the grey clouds that sit over Western Washington most of the time. The thing that you are hoping to see in the summer, and pray that summer falls on a weekend.

Washington state 47.5000° N, 120.5000° W sits in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States.

The earliest record of peoples living there are 13,000 years old making Washington one of the first populate locations in the United States. Anthropologists estimate there were 125 distinct Northwest tribes and 50 dialects in existence before the arrival of Euro-Americans in this region.

It was fur that originally brought trappers to the Oregon Territory. It was Agriculture, Mining and Timber that brought settlers. You see the weather gets trapped between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and it RAINS. The average annual rainfall in the Pacific Northwest is 35″ a year, not as much as some places, BUT the average days of precipitation are are over 151 days (ALMOST HALF A YEAR PEOPLE!).

It was the Enabling Act of 1889 that allowed North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Washington to become states. Their constitutions needed to be ratified and elected officials voted in.

All of the states were added to the Union in November of 1889.

Washington State became the 42nd United State on November 11, 1889

Washington State Map/Flag Image Source:
Washington State Map/Flag
Image Source:


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