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November 16, 1981 – Luke and Laura get married

In July of 1981, an estimated 17 million people in the United States tuned in to watch Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer get married at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

These were very important people geopolitically in 1981. Prince Charles is the heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II, and Diana is noble born.

This wedding was billed as the “wedding of the century” and a “fairytale wedding” so it was a VERY big deal.

Luke and Laura wedding

34 years ago today a different wedding rocked the daytime television world. On October 16-17, 1981, 15 million people each day (30 million total) tuned into to General Hospital to watch Luke and Laura’s wedding.

Almost as many people tuned in to watch a fantasy couple get married on a television soap opera as had watched the real royal wedding.

Luke, played by Anthony Geary, and Laura, played by Genie Francis were the quintessential soap opera Super Couple.

I don’t have any Luke and Laura wedding moment stories; I was in school. I know my mom watched General Hospital, and I know she did not throw a party. I have heard stories of women dressing up, and having cake and decorations.

This is one of those things that is likely never to happen again. We no longer have to watch events like this live. VCRs were pretty rare in 1981, and in today’s world things are on the internet the day they happen.

So, just a fun, light-hearted post to start the day.




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