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December 10, 1953 – KOMO Television Launched

No matter how far away I might roam, Seattle will always be my home. Even though I do not live in the state any longer it remains one of my favorite places to go.

When I saw this blurb on my today in history feeds I had to jump on it. It will not be a long post I am certain.

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In June 1953, KOMO was awarded the channel 4 construction permit in the Seattle/Tacoma area beating out radio rival KJR.

Fisher Broadcasting was started by the Fisher family in 1926 with NBC radio affiliate KOMO.

As a result of the long-time relationship with NBC Radio, on December 10, 1953, KOMO television launched as Seattle’s NBC affiliate.

It is the fourth-oldest television station in the Seattle/Tacoma area. What many do not realize is that KOMO radio was the first station to broadcast television signal in the Seattle area.

On June 3, 1929, radio engineer Francis J. Brott broadcast images over electrical wires to small 1-inch screen sets. 23-years before KOMO-TV’s regular broadcasts.

KOMO-TV became a full-time ABC affiliate on September 27, 1959, as KING-TV became a full-time NBC affiliate.

I grew up with Dan Lewis, Kathi Goertzen, and Steve Pool on the nightly news. They had the third-longest run of an anchor team in US history. They were on the air nightly from 1987-2009.

Steve Pool and Dan Lewis are still on the air. Unfortunately, Kathi passed on August 13, 2012, from pneumonia as a result of her long fight with Meningioma.



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