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November 21, 1864 -President Lincoln Allegedly Writes to Mrs. Bixby

Every so often, a moment in history jumps out at me. This is one of those moments to me. A heartfelt letter to a grieving mother from a grieving Commander-in-Chief. In 1864, the Governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew wrote to the President about a grieving mother. Linda Bixby was not only a grieving mother;… Continue reading November 21, 1864 -President Lincoln Allegedly Writes to Mrs. Bixby

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November 17, 1894–H. H. Holmes Arrested

“Understanding does not cure evil, but it is a definite help, inasmuch as one can cope with an comprehensible darkness.” –Carl Jung I’m currently reading a book about the founding and beginnings of America’s first behavioral science unit—the first attempts to understand the minds of criminals. The book is co-written by one of the men… Continue reading November 17, 1894–H. H. Holmes Arrested

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November 9, 1872–Great Boston Fire

Fire is one of life’s greatest destroyers. I like to think in our day and age, that we’d never run into a situation where something would burn down. We have phones. We have fire stations so close! We have phenomenal fire fighting teams. It couldn’t happen. Not today. The fact is, fire is too strong.… Continue reading November 9, 1872–Great Boston Fire