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November 18, 1987 – King’s Cross Station Fire

Two summers ago I read Charles Duhigg’s wonderful book The Power of Habit. (Okay, I listened to it). It is an absolutely amazing look into how the brain works and how habits are formed. In that book, Mr. Duhigg tells some of the management issues that caused the story that I am going to talk… Continue reading November 18, 1987 – King’s Cross Station Fire

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November 9, 1872–Great Boston Fire

Fire is one of life’s greatest destroyers. I like to think in our day and age, that we’d never run into a situation where something would burn down. We have phones. We have fire stations so close! We have phenomenal fire fighting teams. It couldn’t happen. Not today. The fact is, fire is too strong.… Continue reading November 9, 1872–Great Boston Fire