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November 4, 1922–Entrance to King Tut’s Tomb Discovered

I am a history geek. I love all things history. Except maybe wars….yeah….wars. Still learning to love those.
One thing that has always held me captivated is Egyptian history. Every summer, you can find me curled up on my couch late into the night watching documentaries on anything and everything Egyptian.
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I recently watched an episode that described a little bit of the wonder that was discovering King Tut’s tomb. You see–the archaeologists were not expecting to find a tomb where they were digging. Let alone a royal one!
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Some theories lead us to believe that he was buried in a rush–in the wrong location. That maybe this was a commoner’s tomb, and because of his sudden, unexpected death, they rushed to bury him here. That would certainly explain the odd location and the complete and total surprise of those that discovered his tomb. I believe it’s been said that they had never found an entire royal tomb intact before complete with the sarcophagus and all accompanying elements. I could be wrong on my exact details. But I’m not wrong about the feeling it gave me. It left me reeling, trying to imagine how I’d feel as part of that exploration group. How I’d feel with such an earth-shattering discovery.
On a larger scale, it made me wonder if it was “meant to be” that his tomb was put in such an obscure location. Think of how much it has impacted history, discoveries, archaeology, and what we know of Egyptian history as a whole. Had his tomb not been “misplaced” for so long, the ripple effects may not have had an impact at all. They are still rippling today, far and wide.
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You are welcome to join us on a fact and detail hunt on the exact specifics of this wondrous discovery that affects so many of us to this day.
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